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Turning point for the Karoo

11. April 2018

Australian uranium company Peninsula Energy had planned to mine uranium in the Karoo, an arid region in South Africa. However, these plans were met by strong local resistance, supported by nationwide South African organisations, among others by SAFCEI – South African Faith Based Environmental Institute. We had reported earlier. The company had announced to leave…

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Atomtransporte stoppen – aber mit System

8. April 2018

Über den Hamburger Hafen wird regelmäßig radioaktives Material für Atomkraftwerke in alle Welt und aus aller Welt transportiert. Allein im vergangenen Jahr wurden im Hamburger Hafen etwa 300 Tonnen Kernbrennstoffe wie neue Brennelemente, angereichertes  UF 6 und Uran-Pellets umgeschlagen. Die Gesamtmenge der durch Hamburg beförderten Kernbrennstoffe (einschließlich Lkw-Transporten) betrug mehr als 780 Tonnen (in den…

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20 years Jabiluka

3. April 2018

20 years ago 23/3/98 the Mirarr people call to blockade the Jabiluka / Kakadua uranium mine. Here is a great film about it: FIGHT FOR COUNTRY – THE STORY OF THE JABILUKA BLOCKADE by Pip Starr. We have shown “Fight For Country” in Rio and several other cities like Berlin in the past. learn more:…

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3. April 2018

The Window Rock Uranium Film festival is scheduled for November 29th to December 1st and it will remember the legendary Indigenous World Uranium Summit (IWUS) that happened exactly 12 years before at the same location. In addition to the film screenings discussions and round tables about the question of uranium mining and nuclear power are…

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Spanien: “No a la Mina!”

13. March 2018

Am Samstag den 24.2.2018 gingen in Salamanca 5000 Menschen auf die Straße. Auch die Vereinigung der ehemaligen Minenarbeiter aus Portugal: Vitimas de Radioactividade ATMU (Associacao dos ex-Trabalhadores Minas de Uranio) waren dabei.

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Rundbrief 1/2018

3. March 2018

Liebe Mitstreiterinnen und Mitstreiter, die Atomindustrie ist immer wieder für Überraschungen zu haben. Kurz vor Weihnachten kam die große Neuigkeit: die Deutsche Bank wird – geplant oder ungeplant – Anteilseignerin von Paladin. Die Bank gerät aufgrund ihrer mangelnden menschenrecht-lichen Verantwortung regelmäßig in Kritik. Ob Paladin so seine Pleite überwinden kann, bleibt unklar (siehe I.2.). Reinzuwaschen…

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Tanzanian Civil Society Organisations voice serious concern “REGARDING THE SECURITY OF CITIZENS, HUMAN RIGHTS AND RULE OF LAW IN TANZANIA”

26. February 2018

On 21. Feb. 2018, 110 Tanzanian Civil Society (CSOs) organisations published a brief report on the Human Rights situation in Tanzania, listing some shootings and disappearances as examples as well as other occurrences: “These incidents includes armed attacks, atrocious killings, injuries, enforced disappearance, brutality, arrests, malicious prosecutions targeting human rights defenders (HRDs), journalists, politicians and…

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USA: Court upholds uranium mining ban around Grand Canyon but allows nearby mine

15. December 2017

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit on Tuesday upheld a 20-year ban on uranium mining around Grand Canyon National Park but ruled in a separate case that a uranium company could open a mine nearby. The two unanimous rulings by the three-judge panel came as the Trump administration considers lifting the ban,…

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Nuclear for climate? COP 23 vom 6. bis 17.11. 2017

11. December 2017

Einige Monate haben wir uns als Kampagne auf dieses Event vorbereitet. Webseite, Infomaterial, Petition, Aktions- und Demo-Planung erforderten intensive internationale, und innerhalb Deutschlands organisationsübergreifende Planung und Absprache.

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Who cleans up its mess in Africa?

30. November 2017

The australian uranium mining company Paladin Energy was put into administration in July and the company is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Critics of the uranium industry won’t miss the company if it disappears. But who cleans up its mess in Africa?

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