The plundering of Greenland

Uranium and other resources the latest threat to precious sub-arctic ecosystems

The first area is 1,042 square kilometers and located north of Arsuk and Kangiinnguiet and north of Narsarsuaq. The second area is 2,485 square kilometers and consists of two sub-areas around the Ilulileq and Paatsusoq fjords and the Kangerlussuatsiaq fjord, respectively.

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"Mining at Kvanefjeld - Comments on:Kvanefjeld Project. Environmental Impact Assessment"
by Orbicon A/SbyJan Willem Storm van Leeuwen, independent consultant, member of the Nuclear Consulting Group

Detailed information and a full chronology of Kvanefjeld and other mining developments in Greenland on WISE Uranium Project



"Mining magnets: Arctic island finds green power can be a curse"
by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen, Eric Onstad / Reuters, 2 March 2021
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Greenland: Kvanefjeld rare earth and uranium controversy leads to government break up
17. February 2021

Resolution on large-scale mining and oil and gas extraction in Greenland
137 NGOs call on the Greenlandic and Danish governments, the European Union, and everybody else who take an interest, to help establish an Arctic sanctuary. (2 Feb 2021)

Geologists Raise Radioactivity Questions about Greenland’s Proposed Kvanefjeld Mine
12 Jan 2021 by High North News

"Grönlands Rohstoffpotenzial ist riesig, vorerst aber nicht mehr als ein Versprechen"
NZZ, 19.09.2019