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Der Fluch des Goldes und anderer Rohstoffe

18. July 2016

Für viele Mongolen bewahrheitet sich der Terminus vom “Rohstoff-Fluch”. Minegolia – statt Mongolia – so freuen sich Bergbauunternehmen über die Möglichkeiten, nahezu ungehindert von Umweltauflagen oder NGOs, Gold, Kupfer und andere Rohstoffe in der Mongolei Gold abbauen zu können. AREVA will darüberhinaus Uran abbauen – Explorationsarbeiten und ein Testbergwerk haben bereits ungute Folgen nach sich…

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Tanzania civil society organisations call for protection of Selous GAme Reserve, oppose uranium mine

14. July 2016

“Tanzanian civil society organisations (CSOs) working in the areas of human rights, natural resources accountability and wildlife conservation, call on the World Heritage Committee to stand in solidarity with CSOs by acting on protection of the World Heritage Site. The nine NGOs state that ” … prospecting mining companies also substantially contribute to the ongoing…

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NGO Conference 2016 in Istanbul

1. July 2016

uranium-network.org participated in a NGO conference organized by World Heritage Watch, Berlin / Germany, on 8. and 9. July 2016 in Istanbul. World Heriage Watch aims at bringing civil society voices to the attentoin of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee (WHC); the session of UNESCO’s WHC starts 10. July. uranium-network.org made the issue of World…

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WWF lanciert Unterschriftensammlung

1. July 2016

  WWF lanciert Unterschriftensammlung zum Schutz der World Heritage site (Weltnaturerbe) Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, das durch Uranbergbau, Explorationsaarbeiten und Dammbauten gefährdet ist. Das Wildschutz-Gebeit steht seit 2013 auf der Liste der bedrohten Weltnaturerbe-Stätten. Beteiligen Sie sich an der Unterschriftenaktion: https://makeyourmark.panda.org/uk/selous      

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Paladin Africa Sued for ‘Gross Damage’

29. June 2016

  A human rights body in Malawi has sued Paladin Africa Limited (PAL) for alleged grave damage the Kayelekera Uranium Mine has caused to some miners and the surrounding communities in Karonga district.    The Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) is accusing PAL of not prioritising the welfare of its employees and the…

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NOAH activist demonstrates 24/7

17. May 2016

NOAH activist demonstrates 24/7 against uranium mining in front of Greenland’s Parliament   Falke Thue Mikailsen, who is a member of NOAH’s Uranium Group, has demonstrated 24/7 since May 13th at Hans Egede Square, in front of Greenland’s Parliament, Inatsisartut. His aim is to draw attention to the necessity of a referendum on reinstatement of…

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Grève dans une mine d’Areva au Niger

3. May 2016

Le personnel de la mine d’uranium Cominak d’Areva au Niger s’est mis en grève pour trois jours lundi, affirmant n’avoir pas perçu intégralement les primes liées à la réalisation d’objectifs financiers en 2015, ont déclaré deux syndicats. «Sur les 800 salariés de Cominak, seuls neuf n’ont pas respecté l’appel à la grève ce matin», a…

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The video “Nukes Conference”

6. April 2016

The video “Stop the Nuclearisation of Africa”-Conference, a brief documentation of the “Nuclearization of Africa”-Conference, Johannesburg, November 2015, has been released march 2016, giving an impression of the discussions and outcomes of the conference in Africa. A written documentation is also worked on. Some presentations are also available on DVD, please contact us if interested.”…

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WE CALL upon you to

29. March 2016

Some days ago, we were informed about Mongolian NGO leader Beejin KHASTAMUR, founder and chairperson of DMNN, has been arrested and is inappropriately detained at this point in time by Mongolian police / authorities.   Yesterday, we were informed that a second appointment for his release has passed unsuccesfully – Mongolian authorities refuse to release…

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“Uranabbau tötet Menschen”

28. March 2016

“Uranabbau tötet Menschen” – Golden Misabiko beim Ostermarsch-Auftakt in Gronau:  http://www.wn.de/Muensterland/Kreis-Borken/Gronau/2312662-Demonstration-zum-Ostermarsch-Auftakt-Uranabbau-toetet-Menschen BilderGalerie: http://www.wn.de/Fotos/Lokales/Kreis-Borken/Gronau/Ostermarsch-Auftakt-in-Gronau2  

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Legacy Warnings!

26. March 2016

Legacy Warnings! Eine Dokumentation über Widerstand, Hoffnung und Herausforderung bei dem Versuch, den afrikanischen Kontinent mit Energie zu versorgen   Filmvorführung & Gespräch über Uranbergbau und Nuklearisierung Afrikas mit dem Menschenrechtsaktivisten und Uranbergbaugegner Golden Misabiko, DR Kongo / Südafrika   Montag, 4. April 2016 | 19:30 Uhr Kino Kenzingen Eisenbahnstraße 49, 79341 Kenzingen   Dienstag,…

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Termine für den Film „Legacy Warnings!“ und Golden MISABIKO

21. March 2016

Montag 21. März 2016 – BREMERVÖRDE 19.00 Uhr Jugendhotel OSTEL Feldstraße 9 Bremervörde Veranstalter: Rosa-Luxemburg-Club Vörder Land und Aktionsbündnis Bremervörde   Dienstag 22. März 2016 – BERLIN 15.30 Uhr Vortrag und Diskussion (ohne Film): Golden Misabiko: “Africa’s Minerals, Uranium Mining and Human Rights” Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) Kirchweg 33 14129 Berlin www.zmo.de   Freitag 25.…

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Legacy Warning – Die Bedrohung. Filmvorführung am 21. März 2016

19. March 2016

Eine Dokumentation über Uranabbau in Südafrika. Bei der Filmvorführung wird der mit dem Nuclearfree Futur Award ausgezeichnete Menschenrechtsaktivist Golden Misabiko dabei sein. Er lebt derzeit in Südafrika und wird über Atompläne dort und in seiner Heimat, der Demokratischen Republik Kongo, sprechen.              

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Nuclearisation of Africa – Symposium in Johannesburg, South Africa from 16th to 19th November 2015

16. March 2016

As organizers we are pleased to confirm that preparations for the 4-day event are well under way and there seems to be considerable interest for the symposium in South Africa as well as in other African countries. As indicated before, the main topics will be «Uranium mining and health, environmental, legal and socioeconomic issues». In…

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Karoo Uranium Mining – Another threat after fracking?

30. August 2015

Background informations about the Karoo Uranium Mining Project in South Africa from Dr Stefan Cramer, SAFCEI Science Advisor: download powerpoint-presentation (5 MB)    

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After the Uranium Moratorium: The global UBAN movement

29. July 2015

Background:                    July 28, 2015, Gordon Edwards. Uranium Moratorium in Quebec –> Declaration of the World Uranium Symposium –> UBAN movement There has never been a uranium mine in the province of Quebec.  In the last decade, however, there has been a great deal of uranium exploration…

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Nunavut Impact Review Board Issues Final Hearing Report Following Review of AREVA Resources Canada Incorporated’s “Kiggavik Uranium Mine” Project

12. May 2015

CAMBRIDGE BAY, NU – May 8, 2015 – The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB or the Board) has completed its review of AREVA Resources Canada Incorporated’s (AREVA) “Kiggavik Uranium Mine” Project (the Kiggavik Project or Project) and submitted its Final Hearing Report, including recommendations, to the federal Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and…

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Jungle World interview mit Golden Misabiko

6. May 2015

Zum Interview Akustische Version – Südnordfunk Vielen Dank an das iz3w Informationszentrum 3. Welt, dessen MitarbeiterInnen das Interview geführt hatten!

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World Uranium Symposium 2015 – birth of the Quebec Declaration

18. April 2015

The World Uranium Symposium 2015 closed with a moving speech by Matthew Coon Come and the birth of the Quebec declaration on Uranium. Looking forward, Marriette Liefferink (FSE) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Nidecker (IPPNW Schweiz) announced a new conference taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa, November 2015. The topics will include uranium mining in Niger…

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Impressions from the opening of the Uranium Film Festival

16. April 2015

The World Uranium Symposium saw the opening of the fifth Uranium Film festival – this time in Quebec! Here are a few impressions from the event.

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Exclusive at the World Uranium Symposium in Québec City (April 14–16 2015): Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan at the time of the Fukushima catastrophe

14. April 2015

Québec, 6 April 2015 — Mr. Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan during the Fukushima catastrophe, will deliver an exclusive message at the opening of the World Uranium Symposium at the Quebec City Convention Centre on April 14-16 2015. Both scientific and community-based, the Symposium will address issues arising from the nuclear fuel chain, from…

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World Uranium Symposium

7. April 2015

From April 14th – 16th, the World Uranium Symposium in Quebec will bring together speakers from all around the globe. They will adress issues arising from the uranium fuel chain – from uranium mining to its end-uses and byproducts for civilian or military purposes. Symposium abstract Preliminary program List of speakers The Symposium is organized…

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Mongolei: Polizeieinsatz für Umweltzerstörung durch Bergbau

24. February 2015

In der Nacht zum 24. Februar 2015 ging die mongolische Polizei gewaltsam gegen neun Hunger-streikende vor. Drei wurden (offenbar als mutmaßliche „Rädelsführer“) festgenommen, die anderen sechs gegen ihren Willen in ein Krankenhaus gebracht.

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Police tries to break hunger strike in front of mongolian parliament

23. February 2015
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The Uranium Network Database

20. February 2015

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