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20 years Jabiluka

20 years ago 23/3/98 the Mirarr people call to blockade the Jabiluka / Kakadua uranium mine. Here is a great film about it: FIGHT FOR COUNTRY – THE STORY OF THE JABILUKA BLOCKADE by Pip Starr. We have shown “Fight For Country” in Rio and several other cities like Berlin in the past. learn more:…

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Dirt Cheap 30 years on – Screening in Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin

The reworked edition of the 1980 film: Dirt Cheap 30 years on will be shown in movie theaters throughout Europe. Sunday, September 23rd 8pm, at the SMART Project Space in Amsterdam.  Wednesday, September 26th 6pm, in the Fairtrade Room of Mundo-B, 26 rue d’Edimbourg, 1050 Brussels. Friday, September 28th 8.30pm, at Cinema Moviemento in Berlin-Kreuzberg.…

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Forget the billions, return Jabiluka site to Kakadu, say traditional owners (Sydney Morning Herald, 2011, en)

by Lindsay Murdoch The Sydney Morning Herald April 7, 2011 Aboriginal traditional owners have declared they want the multibillion-dollar Jabiluka uranium deposit to remain undeveloped and be incorporated into Kakadu National Park. A senior traditional owner, Yvonne Margarula, says her Mirarr people are “deeply saddened” that for more than 30 years uranium that should never…

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Traditional owners want Jabiluka protected (ABC News, 2011, en)

The Jabiluka mine was the subject of protests in the late 1990s. ERA retains the right to mine the site. Traditional owners want uranium mine to become part of Kakadu by Michael Coggan Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News April 7, 2011 Aboriginal traditional owners say they want the massive Jabiluka uranium deposit in the Northern…

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Aborigines to block uranium mining after Japan disaster (The independent, 2011, en)

by Kathy Marks in SydneyThe IndependentApril 14, 2011 Since Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant began leaking radiation afterlast month’s earthquake and tsunami, those watching with consternationhave included the Mirarr Aboriginal people of Australia’s NorthernTerritory, who are determined to limit uranium mining on their landdespite the promise of vast riches. The Mirarr are the traditional owners of…

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Walk for a nuclear free future campaign (Australia)

Footprints for Peace has recently launched an exciting new campaign that will join together with people and organizations from around the world to build and strengthen the global movement for a nuclear free future.   The campaign – Walk for a Nuclear Free Future – is an awareness raising and non-violent action based campaign involving…

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