WE CALL upon you to

Some days ago, we were informed about Mongolian NGO leader Beejin KHASTAMUR, founder and chairperson of DMNN, has been arrested and is inappropriately detained at this point in time by Mongolian police / authorities.


Yesterday, we were informed that a second appointment for his release has passed unsuccesfully – Mongolian authorities refuse to release him, even in presence of his attorney.


It is very obvious that the reason for his detainment is not the car accident into which he was involved – and within wihich nobody was killed or hurt. 


FRONTLINE DEFENDERS, a human rights organisation specialized in supporting human rights and environmental defenders, has picked up Beejin Khastamur’s case and addressed the Mongolian authorities on Friday, 25. March 2016.


Please find Frontline Defender’s letter to the Mongolian authorities attached. 



The NGO DMNN which Beejin Khastamur has founded, is also a member of “Yes to Life – No to Mining”, a worldwide umbrella organisation of NGOs critical of / opposed to mining. 

“Yes to Life – No to Miing” has published the case on their website 


and calls for an immediate release of Beejin Khastamur.


Both websites provide in-depth background information on Beejin Khastamur’s and DMNN’s work, the repeated harrassment he and his family were exposed to and the current situation.


WE CALL upon you to 

> address a letter based on the letter of Frontline Defenders (attachment)


> sign-on to the letter the NGO “Yes to Life – No to Mining” has created as an sign-on


Please send a cc either to us (info@uranium-network.org). 


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