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Uranium mining, native resistance, and the greener path (Orion magazine)

10. February 2009

The impact of uranium mining on indigenous communities by Winona LaDuke Published in the January/February 2009 issue of Orion magazine IN A DINE CREATION STORY, the people were given a choice of two yellow powders. They chose the yellow dust of corn pollen, and were instructed to leave the other yellow powder—uranium—in the soil and…

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Wasserverbrauch steigt durch Uranabbau rapide (AZ)

9. February 2009

Allgemeine Zeitung (AZ) , Namibia, 09.02.2009 NamWater plant eigene Entsalzungsanlage – 54 Mio. Kubikmeter für Minen benötigt: Bei Meile 6 nördlich von Swakopmund soll eine weitere Entsalzungsanlage entstehen. Für 1,8 Milliarden Namibia-Dollar will NamWater eine 90 Mio. Kubikmeter Anlage errichten lassen.

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Uranium One History – February 2009 – One deadly reputation: canadian company accused of “killing communities”

9. February 2009

By Tanya Roberts February 17, 2009, Johannesburg, South Africa Last month South African mineworker, community and environmental justice activists celebrated an important victory.  On January 23, the South African Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) granted an arbitration award in favour of workers from Dominion Reefs Uranium mine, owned and operated by Toronto-based company…

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Uranium One History – February 2009 – New Japanese partners offer strategic benefits, crucial market intel

8. February 2009

By: Liezel Hill 10th February 2009 TORONTO (miningweekly.com) – An agreement on a private placement and offtake pact with a consortium of Japanese firms will not only ensure that Canadian uranium miner Uranium One is well-funded – thanks to a C$270-million cash injection – but will also boost the firm’s strategic positioning, president and CEO…

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On the front lines of the new uranium rush with the Inuit of Nunavut (Nuclear Caribou)

2. February 2009

by Mark Dowie Published in the January / February 2009 issue of Orion magazine A CARIBOU CALVING GROUND – Nunavut, Canada: June days lengthen and snow melts to reveal tiny bright wildflowers and nutritious lichens. Thousands of pregnant caribou gather in tight circles. They are gaunt and exhausted from their six-hundred-mile migration from the boreal…

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Uranium One History – January 2009 – Action Alert: Tell Uranium One to Respect Human Rights in South Africa!

19. January 2009

January 19, 2009 The Dominion Reefs uranium mine in South Africa, owned and operated by the Canadian company Uranium One, has continuously been exposed for systematic violations of workers’ rights and basic environmental regulations.

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Uranium One History – November 2008 – Uranium One starts retrenching 1013 Dominion workers

11. November 2008

By: Esmarie Swanepoel 11th November 2008 JOHANNESBURG (miningweekly.com) – Uranium One has started retrenching about 1 013 of its 1 175 employees employed at the Dominion mine, in South Africa, trade union Solidarity said on Tuesday. Solidarity received an Article 189 notice from the Toronto-based uranium producer Uranium One, in which the company gave notice…

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Radiological hazards from uranium mining (article)

12. July 2008

by Bruno Chareyron, 2008 A brief article about the hazards from radiation from uranium mining   published in: Broder J. Merkel and Andrea Hasche-BergerUranium, Mining and Hydrogeology2008, page 451-458 … read more

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Niger’s Mine War (Le Monde diplomatique)

6. July 2008

Anna Bednik from: Le Monde diplomatique / July 6, 2008 The Nigerien Movement for Justice (NMJ) (1), which is mostly a Tuareg organisation, warned in a recent press release: “If armed struggle is the only way to make ourselves heard, then that is the way forward.” Twelve years after the 24 April 1995 peace accord…

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Uranium Boom in Niger

30. April 2008

Seit mehr als 30 Jahren baut die frühere COGEMA / heutige AREVA Uran im Niger ab.Jetzt soll der Uranabbau erheblich ausgeweitet werden … das weltgrößte Uranbergwerke, Imouraren, soll dort entstehen. Die Tuareg und andere in der Region lebenden Menschen leiden …

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Government renews Uranium Mining Ban in British Columbia/Canada

24. April 2008

24 April 2008, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada The Province will not support the exploration and development of uranium in British Columbia and is establishing a “no registration reserve” under the Mineral Tenure Act for uranium and thorium, Minister of State for Mining Kevin Krueger announced today.

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Labrador Inuit vote for uranium mining ban

8. April 2008

Labrador’s Nunatsiavut government narrowly passed a controversial bill Tuesday that prohibits uranium mining on Inuit-owned land for three years. The moratorium, which passed 8-7, goes into effect immediately and will stay in place until March 31, 2011 when it will be revisited, according to a news release. The ban applies to the working, production, mining…

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Uranium Mining Ban in New Brunswick … not in place yet

18. March 2008

City council in Moncton, N.B., voted unanimously Monday night to call on the province to ban all uranium exploration and mining in New Brunswick. The Liberal Government of New Brunswick defeated a ban on uranium mining in New Brunswick. Environmental groups continue to struggle for a ban. Futher information:CBC News – Moncton wants N.B. to…

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Ban on Uranium Mining in Virginia / USA since 1981 (!)

5. March 2008

The state of Virginia / US has a current moratorium on uranium mining in place since 1981. It can be lifted only if the Virginia General Assembly enacts enabling legislation to allow for development of regulations to mine uranium.

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Uranium One History – February 2008 – Froneman says Dominion a solid asset as Uranium One continues its slide

22. February 2008

By: Matthew Hill 22nd February 2008 While distressed uranium-miner Uranium One’s stock continued its downward spiral on Friday, shedding a further 15%, questions had been raised about the legitimacy of its Dominion Reefs Uranium Mine, near Klerksdorp, after 2008 production forecasts were slashed by one-quarter.

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Uranium One History – February 2008 – Uranium One Reports More Bad News at Dominion

21. February 2008

By Jon A. Nones February 21, 2008 St. LOUIS () — More bad news has befallen a uranium producer much covered by RI. On Thursday, Uranium One slashed its 2008 production forecast by 32% from a previous estimate due to slow underground development of the Dominion mine in South Africa. And CEO Neal Froneman resigned.

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Uranium One History – December 2007 – Dominion Uranium Project Update 2007

14. December 2007

By: Desislava Tzoneva 14th December 2007 The capital cost to complete phase one of Uranium One’s Dominion Reefs uranium mine (Drum) project is estimated to be about 25% more than the 2006 feasibility study estimate of $180-million. Company president and CEO Neal Froneman tells Mining Weekly that changes in design, scope, material specifications and material…

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Strahlenschutzkommission bestätigt Kinderkrebsrisiko in der Nähe von AKWs

10. October 2007

Pressemitteilung zur “Kinderkrebsstudie”, Umweltinstitut München, 10. Oktober 2008 … read more

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Gabon: une ONG dénonce l’impact de l’exploitation minière sur la population (AFP)

16. August 2007

LIBREVILLE — Irradiation, pollution des rivières, disparition de la pêche: dans un rapport publié lundi, l’ONG Brainforest alerte sur les impacts de l’exploitation minière des sociétés françaises Areva et Eramet, sur les populations dans l’est du Gabon.

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Uranium One History – May 2007 – World’s Best Uranium Stock

9. May 2007

Uranium One’s US$1.5 billion takeover of Energy Metals will place SXR among the world’s top two uranium producers by 2013. By 2013, Canadian-based Uranium One (SXR on TSX) expects to produce 28 million pounds of uranium annually, second only to Cameco (CCJ on NYX; CCO on TSX). Recently, Cameco’s stock price has hovered around US$51…

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Uranium One History – March 2007 – SXR starts processing uranium at Dominion Reefs

1. March 2007

  SXR starts processing uranium at Dominion Reefs Thu Mar 1, 2007 12:08pm EST (Reuters) – SXR Uranium One Inc. SXR.TO said on Thursday that it started processing underground uranium ore on schedule this week at its Dominion Reefs mine in South Africa. The uranium and gold miner expects to produce 3.8 million pounds of…

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Uranium One History – 2006 – Big Chancs at Uranium One

29. December 2006

By Inge Olivier  At a very informative day a few weeks ago, our Executive Mayor China Dodovu and other delegates from the Department of Labour -Education and other Community members were guests at the Uranium One, Dominion Reefs Uranium Mine.  Bruce Jones, the Executive Vice President of Uranium One invited the Media for a briefing…

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Indigenous World Uranium Summit: Worldwide Ban on Uranium Mining, Processing, Enrichment etc.

2. December 2006

Window Rock, Navajo Nation, USA, 2 December 2006 In December 2006, an Indigenous World Uranium Summit was held in Window Rock, Dineh (Navajo) Reservation, Arizona, USA, one of the areas severely contaminated by uranium mining from the past. Participants issued a Declaration and ‘demand a worldwide ban on uranium mining, processing, enrichment, fuel use, and…

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Uranium One History – August 2006 – Uranium Study: Feasibility of Dominion Reefs points toward 30-year mine

6. August 2006

2006-08-06 SOUTH AFRICA – SXR URANIUM ONE of Toronto has completed the Phase I feasibility study of its Dominion Reefs project near Klerksdorp and concluded it would be possible to develop a mine with a 30-year life.

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ARMZ History – October 2005 – The Times: Sent to Siberia, the oligarch who had it all – and lost it

31. October 2005

By Jeremy PageAn imprisoned oligarch will not allow his spirit to be broken by jail, reports our correspondent One man is a former Soviet dissident who spent four years in the gulags and fifteen working as a bus driver before becoming an Orthodox priest. The other is a former Communist youth activist who became the…

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