Uranium One History – January 2009 – Action Alert: Tell Uranium One to Respect Human Rights in South Africa!

January 19, 2009

The Dominion Reefs uranium mine in South Africa, owned and operated by the Canadian company Uranium One, has continuously been exposed for systematic violations of workers’ rights and basic environmental regulations.



Located 150km southwest of Johannesburg, the mine employs residents from squatter camps and townships surrounding the mine as well as temporary migrants from Mozambique and Lesotho.

Airborne and waterborne residue from uncovered radioactive tailings piles at Dominion Reefs have leached into groundwater sources, and contaminated the soil as well as the air. Local residents commonly experience festering rashes, eye irritations, asthma, chronic headaches and nausea.

Meanwhile, workers report that they are suffering from tuberculosis, silicosis, cancer and asthma due to the lack of health and safety precautions at the mine, have experienced racial and sexual discrimination, and have been paid substandard wages.

After going on strike to demand improved conditions at the mine, workers were fired en masse–without prior notice or severance packages. As a result, they have filed a case against the company at the South African Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration. The first hearing of the case is scheduled for January 23rd, 2009.

Now Uranium One has declared that it is seeking options to sell or close the mine due to the low profitability of the site. However, local communities, as well as South African environmental, labour and human rights organizations remain outraged and are demanding compensation due to the devastating environmental, health, and social impacts caused by this mining operation.

Please take the time to express your solidarity with the workers, their families and other local residents of Klerksdorp by contacting Uranium One. Urge this company to negotiate with workers and the affected communities, and provide compensation that offers dignity and justice:

Phone or Email:
Uranium One Ltd. (in Toronto)
Mr. Jean Nortier, President and Chief Executive Officer
E-mail: jean.nortier@uranium1.com

Chris Sattler , Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Investor
E-mail: chris.sattler@uranium1.com
Tel: 416-350-3657
The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board holds millions of dollars
of shares in Uranium One. You can direct your concerns to the:

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (in Toronto)
David Denison, President and Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 1-866-557-9510
Email: csr@cppib.ca

The Canadian Embassy and the Canadian International Development Agency in South Africa are actively supporting Canadian mining projects like
Uranium One, having prioritized mining as a sector for promotion and development. You can direct your concerns to the:

High Commission Trade Office of Canada to South Africa (in Johannesburg)
Mrs. Gwenaele Coubrough, Trade Commissioner for Mines, Minerals and
Related Equipment
E-mail: jobrg@international.gc.ca
Tel: (011-27-11) 442-3130


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