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“Uranium Mining – what are we talking about?”

When in 2007 / 2008, the price of uranium skyrocketed from around US$ 20 per pound to nearly US$ 140 per pound, mining companies from all over the world set out to find uranium – a new uranium rush had started.

The local population was unprepared for the onslaught of the mining companies – and for the most part, people were unaware of what uranium is, let alone did they know about its uses or impacts from mining.

Africa became a major target for uranium exploration.

The general public in the vast majority of African countries had no experience or knowledge about uranium or its exploitation; thus, it was easy for interested companies to veil their intentions when exploring for uranium; Governments rather emphasized the jobs which would be created, the power that might be generated than the risks and dangers associated with uranium and its exploitation.

“Uranium Mining – what are we talking about?” explores the properties of uranium as well as its uses, radioactivity and its health impacts, the mining process and its impacts on health, environment and the social patterns as well as the financial costs of rehabilitation and the social costs – based on factual information as well as experiences from affected communities.

A film by Günter Wippel and Katja Becker, Narration Claus Biegert

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