The NTH Factor – A megawatts-hungry India toys callously with nuclear danger (Outlook, 2011, en)

by Debarshi Dasgupta
Outlook (India)
March 28, 2011

Recent events in Japan have indeed shaken the faith of many who pray
at the altar of nuclear energy. In an article for a business daily,
even Shyam Saran, who was India’s top negotiator for the Indo-US
nuclear deal, has said the “nuclear renaissance” could be dead if
effective corrective measures are not taken up jointly by countries
like India, China and Japan, where growth in nuclear energy generation
is supposed to be among the highest. “The three countries should take
the lead to follow up on their initiatives (promised at a Washington
meet in 2010) and establish a collaborative effort to ensure the safe
and less risky development of nuclear power in the 21st century.” The
fate of nuclear renaissance, as Saran argued, may well now depend upon
the success of their efforts. …

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