German bank pulls out of Areva’s huge Indian nuclear project (2011, en)

Date: 28.03.2011 09:17

“Among the nuclear power plants on the anvil is the one at Jaitapur,
coastal Maharashtra. It will house reactors from the French firm Areva
and shall have a combined capacity of 10,000 MW. But in 20 years, as
many as 92 quakes have been recorded here, with the severest of them
in 1993 measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale. The region is officially
seismically marked as Zone III — Zone V being the worst category. And
despite the elevation of the site on a plateau, concerns about a
tsunami refuse to fade. It is perhaps keeping this in mind that
Commerzbank, the German bank backing the project, pulled out even
before the Japanese crisis, citing the “sustainability and
reputational risk” involved.”

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