Beyond Nuclear & Uranium Network: Stop the Mkuju River Uranium Project at Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

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The World Heritage site Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania faces a possible change of boundaries because of the planned Mjuku River uranium mine.


The Reserve is one of the largest remaining wilderness areas in Africa, harbouring the largest elephant population on the continent

It would be forbidden to build the mine inside the World heritage site,so they are thinking about making the protected area smaller.

This would deal a major blow to the ecology of the region, because radioactive contamination and toxic materials will enter the park from the nearby mine via surface waters, aquifers, and air.

To stop this from happening, Beyond Nuclear has created a petition to the UNESCO world heritage center. Right now, it has 2,229 signatures of 2500 needed. The decision about whether or not that mine is build will be made in June – so lets be part of the remaining 281 votes!

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