Turning point for the Karoo

Bildschirmfoto 2018-04-11 um 22.46.26Australian uranium company Peninsula Energy had planned to mine uranium in the Karoo, an arid region in South Africa. However, these plans were met by strong local resistance, supported by nationwide South African organisations, among others by SAFCEI – South African Faith Based Environmental Institute.

We had reported earlier.

The company had announced to leave South Africa in Oct 2017, and is by now leaving the Karoo region.

Read articles in ENGLISH and in GERMAN on how victory was won in the Karoo:

  • Farewell to Shell – and the Ozzies go (down) under (pdf)
    By Dr. Stefan Cramer
    While the Karoo is still in the grip of a crippling drought, relief comes in unexpectedly. Shell is even further downsizing its remaining “Karoo team”, citing poor chances of commercial success. Australian PENINUSLA ENERGY, bent on mining uranium in the Karoo, is leaving this month for good – after burning 10 million US-$ in consultants and legal fees. With rains across the Karoo and the big guys leaving, March 2018 might become a turning point for the Karoo.
  • Geplanter Uranbergbau vor dem Aus (pdf)
    Jahrelang hatte die australische Bergbaufirma PENINSULA ENERGY mit russischem Kapital in der südafrikanischen Karoo den Uranbergbau vorbereitet. Jetzt kommt plötzlich das Aus, bevor die Firma auch nur die Bergbaurechte erhalten hätte oder der erste Tagebau gegraben ist. Strenge Umweltgesetze und eine wachsame Öffentlichkeit haben das verhindert.
  • The Ecologist: Victory for campaign against uranium mining project in South Africa’s Karoo region
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