Nuclear power’s death spiral and the demise of uranium miners

nmDays after the World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2017 has been published, WISE International launched an article by Jim Green “Nuclear power’s death spiral and the demise of uranium miners”, exploring on a global level the future of uranium and uranium mining companies. It becomes obvious that even pro-nuclear people see the future of nuclear and hence the future of uranium mining very critically:

“Valores points to data showing that uranium production increased by 50% from 2007 to 20162 despite the failure of the nuclear ‘renaissance’ to materialize and generally stagnant demand. Hence the large and growing stockpiles of yellowcake and further downward pressure on already very low prices. “Despite claims of a looming supply cliff and higher demand which will support higher prices,” he writes, “demand for uranium is set to weaken in an environment where supplies are growing.”

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