Hunger strike continues as law with the long name is changed

noyon46The law with the long name and the law of mining have been changed by the mongolian parliament.


After 200 hours/ 8 days, the protesters in Ulanbataar have switched to a dry hunger strike on thursday.

The law with the long name protected water sources by means of so-called safety zones. These have been defined by local authorities and protect ca. 30% of the land around rivers and forests in Mongolia.

These safety zones are to be reduced to 50-200 meters from the riverbank, which will make them irrelevant. Nobody can control the exact distance between mining operation and river. The water sources, a basis for future prosperity in the country, are threatened to be polluted and destroyed by future operations to extract ressources from the ground.

The protesters have now switched to dry hunger strike, denying themselves to even drink. It will be seen whether the Mongolian Government will let their own people starve to push through with a greedy and shortsighted amendment.

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