Moratorium in Quebec – The James Bay Cree fight for their lands

Stand-against-UraniumAfter the BAPE hearings continued on the issue of uranium mining in Quebec, the James Bay Cree have initiated a campaign that has stirred local and global politics, and is drawing a well-deserved spotlight on the agenda of the Eeyouch, the James Bay Cree people.

The hashtag of the campaign is #StandAgainstUranium, the gist of the campaign is simple: To keep the Uranium Moratorium in Quebec in place. The health, environmental, and social risks of uranium mining is too great for the inhabitants and their representatives.

“Uranium development in Eeyou Istchee is truly an intergenerational issue because it will have lasting impacts on the Cree for generations to come. For this reason, uranium is an issue of great concern to Cree youth,” said Youth Grand Chief Joshua Iserhoff. “The youth in our communities are very active on social media.” That is why the campaign has created a Peoples board, for supporters of the campaign to share their opinions.

In addition, a march against Uranium was launched in November. The marchers started in Misstini and traveled over 800 kilometeres to Montreal, via Chibougamau, St. Felicien, the Laurentides Park and Quebec City. The origin point Misstini was chosen, because it is here that Strateco Resources seeks to pursue the Matoush uranium advanced exploration project.

For more information, and to join the Cree Nation’s stand against uranium, visit: