One billion dollar settlement for Navajo uranium cleanup

As the Arizona Daily Star reports, the Navajo Nation has won a settlement of more than 1Billion US-dollars for cleaning up the abandoned uranium mines formerly owned by Anadarko Petroleum Corp. The settlement resolves a legal battle over Tronox Inc., a 2005 spinoff of Kerr-McGee Corp. Anadarko acquired Kerr-McGee in 2006.

Although this was the largest settlement ever in the history of environmental contamination, it clearly shows how the claim that uranium mine reclamation is a low cost operation simply does not hold true. And the fact that the sum only accounts for about 10% of the mines on Navajo territory is simply astonishing. How much money is to be spend, until all the mines in the south western USA are brought to acceptable environmental standards? How much money for the whole of North America? What about Africa?

Read the full news at Arizona Daily Star: Navajo to benefit from $1B for uranium cleanup

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