Press release Synergie OSC Arlit (english translation)

SOSC[03/02/2013] (Please bear in mind that this is a rough translation! The original can be found here)

Arlit.The executive bureau of SOSC (Synergie des organisations de la société civile d’Arlit) and the federation of the women of Arlit (Matan Dagan), have come together to examine the sanitary and health-related situation at the mining sites of Arlit.

After the debate, the following declaration has emerged:

For more than fortyfive years, AREVA and its affiliated companiees have exploited Uranium from the mines (stilistisch, deine Übersetzung war korrekter) of Arlit in Niger. Instead of reinforcing the hope for a better world in the local population, this mining exploitation has exposed the population to risks of illness from ionizing radiation, radioactive dust, contaminated iron and trailings, but also to risks of having their centuries-old natural water resources polluted.

  •     In the face of this dilemma, now that the observatory of health in the region of Agadez (OSRA), that has to find a solution to this problem, has lost its substance, following the retreat of SHERPA from the treaties of 2009, fault of AREVA.
  •     In reaction to this, the Synergy has written a letter in the apron of the AG of l’ORSA 2013to Mr. Luc Oursel, general appointee of AREVA to take the appropriate and responsible actions and address these issues with AREVA.

The population of Arlit is very concerned about the succession of twelve registered deaths among the active workers of the COMINAK during the last twelve months.

In addition to this disconcerting situation, the deaths of some old mine workers have also been registered during the same year.

In the face of this peak of sudden death reports, one has to question the sanitary and environmental situation in and around the Uranium exploitation mines in Arlit.

The Synergy and the population of Arlit ask this: If AREVA admits that they observe the whereabouts of their workers, did they know the details of their health reports?

If the answer is Yes, we demand the publication of these reports, to give this information to their families and to the population, so that the public anxiety can be appeased.

In any case, the Synergie OSC and the federation of the women of Arlit, after examining the health of workers who are active, of old age and living near the river, demand the following:

  •     the expeditious realisation of a transparent study on the sanitary impact around the uranium mining exploitation site in Arlit.
  •     the realisation of an environmental observatory without restrictions in Arlit
  •     the sensibilisation of the riverside population to the dangers of mining exploitaition
  •     The revision of the registers of professional health hazards and illnesses
  •     The revision of the project plan compteur in Arlit
  •     To put on hold all sulfur mining activities until all of the above demands are met.

Otherwise, the Synergie des organisations de la société civile d’Arlit, la Fédération des Femmes et la population d’Arlit, while remaining faithful to their principles of dialogue, adopt the national and the international stance, and see AREVA fully and solitary responsible to the consequences of these events and all that may follow.

Signed by

For the Synergie

The coordinator

Azaoua Mahamane


For the Fédération des Femmes (mattan Daga)

Madame TINAOU Chami

In Alit, february 3rd 3013

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