The Myth behind ‘Low Level Radiation’ (LaRRI-Report)

1. Introduction

This report is the result of a project on uranium mining in Namibia commissioned by the Centre for Research on Multi-national Corporations (SOMO).

The findings are based on secondary literature drawn mainly from the writings of Earthlife Namibia and empirical data collected by LaRRI during July and August 2007. Much of the issues raised in the report are meant to trigger debate on uranium mining and its social, economic and environmental repercussions.

This report is coming at a time when the price of uranium has increased substantially. Consequently, this is also the time when many investors are looking at Namibia as a potential uranium supplier. The report should therefore be of interest to all parties interested in uranium mining, both locally, regionally and internationally. Suggestions put forward in this report are meant to steer the future direction of uranium mining in Namibia. We hope that this document will contribute to a better understanding of uranium mining in Namibia and stimulate some action regarding the protection of the health of workers, their families and their surroundings
We are hope that the report can be used as an advocacy tool. The findings of this report can contribute to behavioural changes of uranium companies currently in existence and those who want to invest in future. We hope that the report will appeal to a number of stakeholders, including government, mining companies, the chamber of mines, trade unions, researchers, academics, investors and civil society. The report should therefore be seen as an information resource beneficial to a number of stakeholders.


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