The environmental justice Journal (2008)

Environmental Justice Journal

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… which explains our work in Owe Aku to protect our sacred water from the uranium mining in Crawford, NE and the proposed mining in Edgemont, SD in our sacred He Sapa. It is about 40 pages, please feel free to print, and share, or post on your FB wall, or email to friends, allies, and relatives. This uranium mining impacts us all and our coming generations, our plants, and animals that drink the water.
Thanks for taking time to read it, and for passing it along to others.  We must be willing to take time to educate ourselves, relatives, and friends, and encourage others to do the same. This is our drinking water being contaminated and threatened by new mining projects. Radioactivity and arsenic etc take hundreds or thousands of years to go away. We need to stop the mining corporations before they contaminate the water forever. We have stopped Cameco corporation from beginning their 2nd mine-North Trend-for the past 4 years, they have not been able to dig one shovel of dirt since we started our work.  We have to oppose their 3rd and 4th mines, Marsland and Three Crow. 
I was thinking if I send this to you all, and you all read it and become aware, and if you each pass it along to 10 people, who read it, and pass it along to 10 people, etc -from this one little email, as many as 5 thousand people (more if we keep it going!) can have access to this Environmental Justice Journal in the next couple of days. Owe Aku has no funds right now, but we can’t let that stop us from trying to get the word out there!  This is our Treaty Land, our Human Right to clean water, no one is going to fight this battle for us, we must fight this battle ourselves! Please stand up with us and help get the word out! If you can email me back, in a clean email, without the attachment, to let me know you received this and have sent it out, I would appreciate it soo much! Thank you my relatives, friends, and allies.
Debra White Plume  


this is a grassroots movement by the Lakota tiyospaye.  If you would like to help with this work any donations are welcome. 
Please make checks payable to:  Owe Aku and mail to:

Owe Aku
P.O Box 325
Manderson, SD  57756

You can also go to our international website at and make a paypal donation.  Please indicate that the donation is for Environmental Justice work.  Pila Maya

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