Obama administration stops new uranium mining around the Grand Canyon until December 2011 (2011, en)

Help us make sure this temporary action becomes a permanent ban
Secretary Salazar urged the Administration to adopt Earthworks’ recommendation of a more permanent, full one million acre withdrawal. The land surrounding the national park is now protected until December while the Administration works on a more comprehensive solution.

Support Earthworks! This a great victory for our most famous national landmark and for the 26 million people across the Southwest who rely on the Colorado River for their water needs!
These one million acres have been off limits to mining for the past two years, but the ban was due to expire on July 20.

The emergency withdrawal maintains the moratorium while the Administration completes a final Environmental Impact Statement and evaluates a 20-year mineral withdrawal. A final decision is expected this fall.
There are 3,500 active uranium mining claims within the protected area. Uranium mining near the Grand Canyon is a huge gamble we can’t afford to take.
With your support, Earthworks will make sure the Obama Administration knows that you and millions of other Americans want to permanently protect these one million acres from new mining claims.

Please give generously today so that Earthworks can protect the Grand Canyon for another generation.
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