Havasupi Warned: Uranium Mining in Grand Canyon (narcosphere, 2011, en)

Havasupai Warned: Uranium Mining in Grand Canyon


Posted by Brenda Norrell – March 16, 2011 at 9:36 pm


By Brenda Norrell


SUPAI TERRITORY (Grand Canyon) — When the Supai opposed uranium mining in the Havasupai homeland, Supai said it is a place of prayer for the well-being of the world. Protection of this sacred place affects the climate and weather patterns of the earth, Supai said.

 Last week, Arizona regulators approved uranium mining in the Grand Canyon.  

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan on Friday have now resulted in the world realization of the dangers of nuclear power.

Gathered at sacred Red Butte in the Grand Canyon to oppose uranium mining in the Grand Canyon in 2009, Supai said this is a sacred place where they go to offer prayers for the protection of the earth.


Speaking of the Supai responsibility to protect the land, water, and air here from the poisons of mining, Supai Waters said, “If we do let this happen, we would be the murderers of the world. We cannot let that happen.”


Supai Waters said that protection of the Grand Canyon also affects the weather patterns and climate of the earth. “My people have lived in the canyon since time immemorial. The canyons contain power points and vortexes. If there is tampering or pillaging, the earth will not be the same. There are places where we guard. These sacred places have to do with the weather, the wind, the sun, the celestial movements. That is why we are here protecting it,” Supai Waters said. …

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