More than 120 people turn out in Iqaluit to talk about uranium (CBC News, 2011, en)

CBC News
March 18, 2011

“I Susan Enuaraq, Palluq Enuaraq, who will vote in Iqaluit East, do
not want uranium mining.”

More than 120 people turned out last night in Iqaluit to talk about
uranium. It was the first of three public forums organized by the
Nunavut government as it tries to develop its policy on uranium
mining. Eight panelists gave presentations and then took questions
from the audience. Most Nunavummiut who came up to the microphone made
it clear they want nothing to do with uranium.

Iqaluit family doctor Madeleine Cole says there are health concerns.

“For me there’s about four industries that we should never go into.
And they are asbestos, uranium, the tobacco industry, and building of

The land claims organization Nunavut Tunngavik also came under fire
last night. Several Inuit beneficiaries at the meeting berated NTI for
supporting uranium mining and having shares in a company that mines
the heavy metal. The group’s President, Cathy Towtongie, said recently
that there will be a review of NTI’s position.