Japan nuclear crisis puts industry revival in doubt (guardian.co.uk,2011, en)

Disaster described as a colossal setback for industry at a time when climate change is sparking a renaissance

by Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington, Fiona Harvey and John Vidal
March 15, 2011

Events in Japan could kill the last chances of revival for an American nuclear industry struggling to emerge from the shadow of its own disaster at Three Mile Island, experts have predicted.
 Renewed fears about the technology may also snuff out a nuclear renaissance worldwide that had been sparked by fears over climate change and a need for low-carbon energy. 
“This is going to be a Three Mile Island moment — maybe not a Chernobyl moment, but a Three Mile Island moment that is going to give people pause for at least several years,” said Alan Madian, an energy analyst at the Brattle consulting group. “There is no question that the public is going to be rightfully concerned.”


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