The History of Uranium Mining and the Navajo People
A comprehensive history of the Navajo Miner's Experience with Uranium Mining since its start in the 1905ies

Japan nuclear crisis puts industry revival in doubt (,2011, en)

Disaster described as a colossal setback for industry at a time when climate change is sparking a renaissance

by Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington, Fiona Harvey and John Vidal
March 15, 2011

Events in Japan could kill the last chances of revival for an American nuclear industry struggling to emerge from the shadow of its own disaster at Three Mile Island, experts have predicted.
 Renewed fears about the technology may also snuff out a nuclear renaissance worldwide that had been sparked by fears over climate change and a need for low-carbon energy. 
"This is going to be a Three Mile Island moment -- maybe not a Chernobyl moment, but a Three Mile Island moment that is going to give people pause for at least several years," said Alan Madian, an energy analyst at the Brattle consulting group. "There is no question that the public is going to be rightfully concerned."



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Verleihung der Nuclear-Free Future Awards 2010 (Cooper Hall, New York)

Die Preisträger 2010

WIDERSTAND: African Uranium Alliance
Afrika sagt NEIN! Die African Uranium Alliance ist die erste pan-afrikanische Initiative, die sich geschlossen gegen Uranabbau wendet. Die unselige Kette des Übels beginnt unten, im Boden: beim Abbau, der regelmäßig Menschenleben fordert. Der Zusammenschluss erfolgte 2009 und vereint Aktivisten aus Niger, Namibia, Südafrika, Malawi, Tansania und Kamerun.

aus: Pressemitteilung des Nuclear-Free Future Award

Interview mit Henry Red Cloud / NFFA Laureate auf youtube

2010 Award Laureates

RESISTANCE: The African Uranium Alliance
Visionaries from Niger, Tansania, Namibia, Malawi, Cameroon and South Africa stand up and say No to uranium mining.

from: Announcement by Nuclear-Free Future Award

Interview with Henry Red Cloud, NFFA Laureate on youtube

7th Soutwest Indigenous Uranium Forum (Sky City/New Mexico/USA)

The Southwest US has - again - become a target area for uranium mining companies from the conference:

highly recommended:
"From Radioactive Mines to Radioactive Weapons"
, Video, Part 1 - 3

Program of 7th Southwest Uranium Forum (ENGLISH)

The History of Uranium Mining and the Navajo People

Doug Brugge, PhD, MS, and Rob Goble, PhD

From World War II until 1971, the government was the sole purchaser of uranium ore in the United States. Uranium mining occurred mostly in the southwestern United States
and drew many Native Americans and others into work in the mines and mills. Despite a long and well-developed understanding,based on the European experience earlier in
the century, that uranium mining led to high rates of lung cancer, few protections were provided for US miners before 1962 and their adoption after that time was slow and incomplete.
The resulting high rates of illness among miners led in 1990 to passage of the Radiation Exposure Compensation

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Uranium mining, native resistance, and the greener path (Orion magazine)

The impact of uranium mining on indigenous communities

by Winona LaDuke

Published in the January/February 2009 issue of Orion magazine

IN A DINE CREATION STORY, the people were given a choice of two yellow powders. They chose the yellow dust of corn pollen, and were instructed to leave the other yellow powder—uranium—in the soil and never to dig it up. If it were taken from the ground, they were told, a great evil would come.