Almost 41 million people speak about 128 different languages. Until now no uranium deposit was built, but the first is planned.

As is so often the case, money is one of the main reasons, because there will be 1600 new jobs through the mine and 5 million US Dollars revenue yearly. The grave environmental and health issues connected to opening a mine next to one of the most important natural reserves in the world are also being ignored here.


News & Activities on Tanzania

Uranium ore tempts Tanzania to dig dangerously

"Though many consider the risks incalculable, Tanzania is planning to mine its radioactive uranium. A history of gold mining shows that the country, its people and abundant wildlife stand to gain little from doing so." Read the whole article at Deutsche Welle.

Experts still concerned about dangers of uranium mining

Press coverage on the results of the Bahi Conference, by David Kisanga.

The Mkuju Uranium Project is far from being “on track”

LogoClean2A response to the Daily News Article “Mkuju uranium project on track, says Mantra”. The fact that MANTRA launched this article - referring to that February conference which is already OLD, outdated news - may be a direct consequence of our activities - MANTRA may feel they have to 'affirm' THEIR project.


Konferenz gegen Uranabbau in Tansania: Field Trip Report


Unter den internationalen Teilnehmern sind Mitglieder des Vorstandes von IPPNW Schweiz, IPPNW Deutschland und IPPNW Holland, der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Tansania, Falea 21–Bewegung Frankreich und der NGO Robin Wood Deutschland.


Conference against Uranium mining in Tanzania: Field trip to Bahi


By Gudrun Conrad (German Version) September 30th, 2013. Most participants of the international conference have arrived at Dar Es Salaam. Among the international attendees are members of IPPNW Germany and Netherlands, the Rosa-Luxemburg- Foundation Tanzania, Falea 21-movement France and the NGO Robin Wood Germany.


Joint statement of the participants of the conference on "Uranium Mining - Impact on Health and Environment" in Dar-Es-Salaam

Tanzania Conference[08.10.2013] We representatives of civil society organisations gathered here in the multi–stakeholder conference  "Uranium Mining – Impact on Health and Environment” have prepared a statement highlighting our concerns on the uranium industry.



Press Release: Uranium Mining Conference Dar Es Salaam

LogoClean2[04.10.2013] The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) in cooperation with the uranium-network.org Germany, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (East Africa Office) and the Tanzanian organisations LHRC, CESOPE and NaCUM. Topic: "Uranium Mining - Impact on Health and Environment".


International conference against uranium mining - visiting Manjoni, Dodoma and Bahi

P1100390[04.10.2013] International Conference participants visited Manjoni and Bahi, where test drills for uranium mining have been conducted - right where people send their cattle and grow rice. In the evening, a social event was held in Dodoma to celebrate and collaborate against the destruction of lives and culture by possible uranium exploitation.