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South Africa features a variety of landscapes: deserts, dry savannahs, bushland, rainforests, lagoons, wetlands high plateaus and high mountains. Additional to that there is more than 2000 km of coastline with beautiful beaches.

In the region around Johannesburg and Krugersdorp, a densely populated area of 400 square kilometers is surrounded by six billion tons of radioactive tailings. Tons of uranium enter the water cycle. The already highly set maximum radiation levels regulated by law are surpassed by five times in this area.


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South Africa: Karoo Uranproject ist dead

Peninsula Energy Limited has decided to exit and sell its interests in the Karoo Projects in South Africa (Karoo Projects). It looks like we have won.

Peninsula Energy Limited withdraws from the Karoo, citing the bleak long-term outlook and the cost structure for the Karoo, anti-uranium-activists told. "We have said that before. Let's pop the champagne corks!!"

Karoo Uranium Mining - Another threat after fracking?

Background informations about the Karoo Uranium Mining Project in South Africa from Dr Stefan Cramer, SAFCEI Science Advisor:


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Deeds by Uranium One at Dominion Reefs

Dominionville01The national Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has reported at least 18 workers have died of work related causes over the past four years, and four women employees reported miscarriages in the past year. These concerns were further verified in 2007 when government inspectors called on Uranium One       "to halt all mining operations" until minimum legal health and safety precautions could be met.


Residents ignore radiation warning

[02/21/2011] Tudor Shaft Informal Settlement in Krugersdorp is built on top of mine tailings and is surrounded by land contaminated by mining activities and radioactive dumps

Residents of Tudor Shaft Informal Settlement in Krugersdorp are refusing to be relocated to another area after warnings that radiation levels have reached dangerous levels.


Vergiftetes Waser: 'Radioaktivster See der Welt' liegt bei Johannesburg (Welt Online)

Welt Online, 01.03.2011, 18:31:39

Giftstoffe wie Arsen, Uran und Kobalt aus Gold- und Kupferminen vergiften das Trinkwasser in Südafrika. Jetzt ist sogar die Millionenstadt bedroht.


Living in SA's own Chernobyl (Saturday Star)

Hundreds of shacks have been erected on a toxic and radioactive mine dump, experts warn

by Sheeree Bega
Saturday Star, January 8, 2011

WITH a look of pride, David Ncwana shows off his vegetable garden. The beans, he announces, have started to grow and the onions are getting along nicely, but the potatoes are taking longer than usual to emerge from the toxic earth beneath his feet.

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