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Mkuju River uranium Project

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Tanzanian government welcomed uranium mining as a solution to poverty and economic development, but the capacities to handle side effects like pollution or health risks in terms of laws and regulations are low.

The Selous Game Reserve, covering 50,000 square kilometres, is amongst the largest protected areas in Africa and is relatively undisturbed by human impact.

In 2012, the World Heritage Committee accepted a boundary change of the Selous Game Reserve to allow for uranium exploitation exactly south of the World Heritage Site, in the area of the Selous-Niassa-Wildlife Corridor.

On its June 2014 session, the World Heritage Committee ("WHC") put the Selous Game Reserve on the list of endangered World Heritage sites. We had reported repeatedly about the conflict uranium exploration and plans for uranium mining as well as other exploration activities in the area have caused.


World Heritage Watch Report 2017:
Tanzania: Selous Game Reserve at Risk Through Unsustainable Developments

For several years, the Government of Tanzania and various companies have pursued plans for major industrial develop- ments inside the World Heritage property, such as the Mkuju River Uranium Project and the Stieglers Gorge and Kidunda dams.

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Uranium Conference Tanzania 2013

From October 1 - October 6 2013, experts from around the world gathered in Dar Es Salaam and Bahi to inform the public on the dangers of Uranium Mining. The conference was organized by IPPNW, Uranium Network, LHRC, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, NaCUM and CESOPE.

Ist Uranbergbau ein Gewinn für Tansania?

Uranbergbau, Tailings, Folgekosten und Wirtschaftlichkeit: Fakten und Überlegungen zur Wirtschaftlichkeit und wirtschaftlichen Aspekten des Uranbergbaus (powerpoint, April 2012).


Allgemeine Situation

18. June 2010

Ein kurzer Überblick zur Situation in Tanzania.

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Uranium mining in the eyes of civil society in Tanzania

2. May 2009

Kurzversion einer Präsentation von Anthony Lyamunda während des von Tanzania-network.de e.V. veranstalteten Studientages zum Thema „Gold, Uran und Edelsteine – Wie reich ist Tansania wirklich?“ (english translation included)

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A Golden Opportunity? How Tanzania is falling to benefit from Gold Mining

28. April 2009

A Golden Opportunity – Justice and Respect in Mining Download complete text as PDF

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Imminent Uranium Mining in Tanzania

28. April 2009

Currently 25 companies from different countries are exploring for uranium in Tanzania (www.wiseuarnium.org). Already in the 1970s radiometric survey showed several radiometric anomalies pointing to uranium enrichments as well in the South of Tanzania as in an area around Bahi in central Tanzania. During the last years these possible deposits got into the focus of…

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