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Mkuju River uranium Project

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Tanzanian government welcomed uranium mining as a solution to poverty and economic development, but the capacities to handle side effects like pollution or health risks in terms of laws and regulations are low.

The Selous Game Reserve, covering 50,000 square kilometres, is amongst the largest protected areas in Africa and is relatively undisturbed by human impact.

In 2012, the World Heritage Committee accepted a boundary change of the Selous Game Reserve to allow for uranium exploitation exactly south of the World Heritage Site, in the area of the Selous-Niassa-Wildlife Corridor.

On its June 2014 session, the World Heritage Committee ("WHC") put the Selous Game Reserve on the list of endangered World Heritage sites. We had reported repeatedly about the conflict uranium exploration and plans for uranium mining as well as other exploration activities in the area have caused.


World Heritage Watch Report 2017:
Tanzania: Selous Game Reserve at Risk Through Unsustainable Developments

For several years, the Government of Tanzania and various companies have pursued plans for major industrial develop- ments inside the World Heritage property, such as the Mkuju River Uranium Project and the Stieglers Gorge and Kidunda dams.

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Uranium Conference Tanzania 2013

From October 1 - October 6 2013, experts from around the world gathered in Dar Es Salaam and Bahi to inform the public on the dangers of Uranium Mining. The conference was organized by IPPNW, Uranium Network, LHRC, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, NaCUM and CESOPE.

Ist Uranbergbau ein Gewinn für Tansania?

Uranbergbau, Tailings, Folgekosten und Wirtschaftlichkeit: Fakten und Überlegungen zur Wirtschaftlichkeit und wirtschaftlichen Aspekten des Uranbergbaus (powerpoint, April 2012).


Magnis Resources steigt in Graphitbergbau in Tansania ein

28. June 2018

Informationsblatt zum Nachu Graphite Project in Tansania und der öffentlich-privaten Partnerschaft der WiN Emscher-Lippe GmbH in NRW Aufgrund des niedrigen Uranpreises will Magnis Resources, auch bekannt als Uranex, noch warten, bis das Unternehmen möglicherweise mit der Uranproduktion in Tansania beginnt. Profitabler scheint unter den aktuellen politischen Vorzeichen der Digitalisierung der Graphitbergbau: Graphit ist wesentlicher Bestandteil…

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Tanzanian Civil Society Organisations voice serious concern “REGARDING THE SECURITY OF CITIZENS, HUMAN RIGHTS AND RULE OF LAW IN TANZANIA”

26. February 2018

On 21. Feb. 2018, 110 Tanzanian Civil Society (CSOs) organisations published a brief report on the Human Rights situation in Tanzania, listing some shootings and disappearances as examples as well as other occurrences: “These incidents includes armed attacks, atrocious killings, injuries, enforced disappearance, brutality, arrests, malicious prosecutions targeting human rights defenders (HRDs), journalists, politicians and…

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“Es ist ein Alptraum, wenn ein Bergbauunternehmen ins Dorf kommt”

9. October 2017

Tansania ist reich an Bodenschätzen, ihr Export einer der wichtigen Devisenbringer. Pläne zum Uranabbau wurden wegen des niedrigen Weltmarktpreises für Uran zwar verschoben – nicht jedoch die Vorbereitungen. Indes verschärft das tansanische Parlament mit Präsident John Magufuli die Auflagen für Verträge mit ausländischen Firmen. Eine Atempause für Aktivisten, die den Uranabbau zu verhindern versuchen, ist…

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Tanzania: Opposition MP Tundu Lissu wounded by gunmen / Tansania: Spitzenpolitiker und Regierungskritiker Tundu Lissu niedergeschossen

8. September 2017

Tanzanian opposition lawmaker Tundu Lissu, a fierce critic of President John Magufuli’s government, was seriously wounded in a gun attack on Thursday, police and party officials said. Human rights groups condemned the shooting as a “cowardly attack”. Tundu was active in Human Rights issues and critical of the extractive industries based on his experiences; in…

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Rosatom will freeze uranium project in Tanzania for at least three years

2. August 2017

“Rosatom State Corporation, which planned to start mining uranium at the Mkuju River mine in southern Tanzania in 2018, decided to postpone the development of the project until the demand for uranium is restored, which is expected not earlier than 2020” (Traslated from Russian via google tranlsate) read the article

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A chairperson from uranium-network.org and a representative from LHRC

30. June 2017

A chairperson from uranium-network.org and a representative from LHRC – Legal and Human Rights Center, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, speak out about the impacts of planned Mkuju River Uranium Project on the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of World Heritage Site Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. The uranium mining project, operated by local company Mantra, owned…

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Ein Stop für (Uran-)Bergbau im Selous Game Reserve?

24. May 2017

Artenschutz in Afrika – Hilferuf der Wildnis Es ist eines der größten Naturreservate der Welt: das Selous in Tansania. Jetzt drohen Wilderei, Uranminen und ein Staudamm, die Region für immer zu zerstören. Wie können die Tiere und der Busch überleben?” Artikel lesen

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Malawi set up 8 Tanzanian Environmentalists and detains them arbitarily since more than 2 months

28. March 2017

The court proceedings in the case of Malawi against 8 Tanzanian environmental defenders have shown without doubt that the 8 persons detained had been lured into a trap set up by Malawi authorities, they were then arrested under the pretense of “trespassing”; 5 Malawian accompanyiing them, arrested at the very same spot, were set free…

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REPORT on the continuation of court case against 8 Tanzanians detained in Malawi, on 13. and 14. February 2017

16. February 2017

  As we had suspected earlier, the 2 days of continuation of the court proceedings on 13 and 14 February 2017 in Karonga, Malawi, revealed the complete ‘framing’ of the Tanzanian group of 8 environmentalists and farmers visiting Malawi in December 2016 to learn more about uranium mining and its impacts.  Definitely, steps had been…

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Tanzania civil society organisations call for protection of Selous GAme Reserve, oppose uranium mine

14. July 2016

“Tanzanian civil society organisations (CSOs) working in the areas of human rights, natural resources accountability and wildlife conservation, call on the World Heritage Committee to stand in solidarity with CSOs by acting on protection of the World Heritage Site. The nine NGOs state that ” … prospecting mining companies also substantially contribute to the ongoing…

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