Speaking notes of Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon Come Presentation to the BAPE

This is a transcript of the speech held by Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon Come in front of the BAPE commission in Montreal on the topic of uranium exploitation in Cree territory.


Strateco stops Matoush Project

The Strateco company has called the quits on the Matoush project. The company says this decision is due to Quebec government's refusal to issue the final permit for advanced exploration.

“The damages arising from the liquidation of the Matoush camp and any cost associated with reopening the camp in the future add to the damages incurred by Strateco and its shareholders following the Quebec government’s refusal to issue the certificate of authorization,” a company speaker told the public in a recent statement.

Strateco plans to shift attention to uranium exploration in Saskatchewan. For now though, this is wonderful news for the residents of Quebec, who have fought hard against the uranium exploitation of their native soil.

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BAPE hearings in Eeyou Istchee: Crees united in their opposition to uranium development

This week, public hearings in Eeyou Istchee made one thing pretty clear: The Cree Nation as a whole stands against the idea of uranium activities on their lands. As the digital journal reports, the Cree are willing to cooperate with the government to share the resources of their area - making an exception in the case of Uranium.


The AFNQL strongly objects to the exploration and mining of uranium in Quebec

AFNQLLogoAssembled in the Abenaki community of Odanak on March 13 2013, the Chiefs of the AFNQL adopted a resolution which strongly and definitively opposes the exploration and exploitation of uranium.

“The exploration and exploitation of uranium constitute major and irreversible health hazards to our populations, our territories and the resources it contains. The First Nations have the most sacred duty to protect their populations, their territories and their resources”, stated Ghislain Picard, Chief of the AFNQL.


Mapping the Matoush project

MatoushProjectMapAn American geographer says the topography around Strateco’s uranium exploration proposal poses unacceptable threats to the region’s watershed

By Jesse Staniforth , The Nation, March 8, 2013

Background by Gordon Edwards:

After three years of learning about uranium mining and deliberating on the issue, the Cree Nations of Eeyou-Istchee (Northern Quebec) have declared a moratorium on all uranium exploration or mining in their region.  Nevertheless, Strateco Corporation has launched a lawsuit in an attempt to pressure the Quebec Government to over-ride the Cree moratorium and allow the Matoush project to go ahead.