Protests against overturning uranium ban in Greenland

ProtestOn September 13, 2013, an open parliament meeting was held in Nuuk Greenland on the possibility of overturning a long-standing ban on uranium mining in the country. A group of Greenlandic citizens showed up to protest the meeting, expressing their continued opposition to uranium mining.

via [Nunavummiut Makitagunarningit]

Forty eight NGOs call for a continuation of the uranium zero tolerance policy in the Danish realm

LogoMashupForty eight NGOs from all over the world call on the Governments of Greenland and Denmark to continue the uranium zero tolerance policy in the Danish realm. Both governments have recently given notice that they intend to lift the ban on uranium mining in Greenland.


Avataq, NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark and the Danish Ecological Council have sent an appeal to the leader of the Greenlandic government, Aleqa Hammond, and the Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, calling on Naalakkersuisut – the Greenland Government – and the Danish government not to abolish the uranium zero tolerance policy in the Danish realm. It is stressed in the appeal that combination of rare earth elements and uranium mining is environmentally unsustainable and unnecessary, because the rare earth elements can be extracted other places in Greenland, where they are not mixed with uranium.