Bans on Uranium Mining

Declarations of Arusha and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

In October 2009, Tanzanian NGO's in cooperation with European NGO's organized the Tanzania Uranium Awareness Campaign 2009, starting with a conference in Arusha and ending with a 2-day conference in Dar Es Salaam.

During both conferences, participants expressed major concerns about the possible dangers of uranium mining coming to their country, and at the final conference in Dar Es Salaam a statement was issued.

Hualapai Tribe Renews Uranium Mining Ban (Arizona/USA)

September 18, 2009, Associated Press

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — The Hualapai Tribe has renewed a ban on uranium mining on its land near the Grand Canyon, joining other American Indian tribes in opposing what they see as a threat to their environment and their culture.

Declaration de bakara / N'Djamena / Chad

In September 2009, a 'Workshop of reflection and Training on Uranium Exploitation' was held in Bakara, just outside N'Djamena, the capital of Chad, in the face of the fact that a variety of uranium mining companies had started to explore for uranium in the sub-Sahara region countries.

Participants from Chad, Cameroon, Centralafrican Republic (CAR / RCA) and Niger attended.

After the one-week-workshop, they issued the "Declaration de Bakara".

The Declaration was made publicly at a media conference in N'Djamena.

Declaration de Bakara (francais)
Declaration of Bakara (english)

Government renews Uranium Mining Ban in British Columbia/Canada

24 April 2008, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The Province will not support the exploration and development of uranium in British Columbia and is establishing a “no registration reserve” under the Mineral Tenure Act for uranium and thorium, Minister of State for Mining Kevin Krueger announced today.


Labrador Inuit vote for uranium mining ban

Labrador's Nunatsiavut government narrowly passed a controversial bill Tuesday that prohibits uranium mining on Inuit-owned land for three years.

The moratorium, which passed 8-7, goes into effect immediately and will stay in place until March 31, 2011 when it will be revisited, according to a news release.

The ban applies to the working, production, mining and development of uranium in Nunatsiavut, the land settlement area in northern Labrador. However, the Nunatsiavut government said it will still allow uranium exploration, and is willing to work with mining companies while the ban is in place.

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Uranium Mining Ban in New Brunswick ... not in place yet

City council in Moncton, N.B., voted unanimously Monday night to call on the province to ban all uranium exploration and mining in New Brunswick.

The Liberal Government of New Brunswick defeated a ban on uranium mining in New Brunswick. Environmental groups continue to struggle for a ban.

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Ban on Uranium Mining in Virginia / USA since 1981 (!)

The state of Virginia / US has a current moratorium on uranium mining in place since 1981. It can be lifted only if the Virginia General Assembly enacts enabling legislation to allow for development of regulations to mine uranium.


Indigenous World Uranium Summit: Worldwide Ban on Uranium Mining, Processing, Enrichment etc.

Window Rock, Navajo Nation, USA, 2 December 2006

In December 2006, an Indigenous World Uranium Summit was held in Window Rock, Dineh (Navajo) Reservation, Arizona, USA, one of the areas severely contaminated by uranium mining from the past.

Participants issued a Declaration and 'demand a worldwide ban on uranium mining, processing, enrichment, fuel use, and weapons testing and deployment, and nuclear waste dumping on Native Lands.'