Bans on Uranium Mining

Moratorium in Quebec - The James Bay Cree fight for their lands

Stand-against-UraniumAfter the BAPE hearings continued on the issue of uranium mining in Quebec, the James Bay Cree have initiated a campaign that has stirred local and global politics, and is drawing a well-deserved spotlight on the agenda of the Eeyouch, the James Bay Cree people.

The hashtag of the campaign is #StandAgainstUranium, the gist of the campaign is simple: To keep the Uranium Moratorium in Quebec in place. The health, environmental, and social risks of uranium mining is too great for the inhabitants and their representatives.


The James Bay Cree Nation enacts permanent uranium moratorium in James Bay territory

Grand Council of the Crees News

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Waskaganish, Eeyou Istchee, (August 9, 2012) ---The James Bay Cree Nation has declared a Permanent Moratorium on uranium exploration, uranium mining and uranium waste emplacement in Eeyou Istchee, the James Bay Cree territory. The permanent moratorium was enacted unanimously by the Annual Cree Nation General Assembly in Waskaganish.


New Brunswick (Canada) bans Uranium Mining (Moncton), March 2, 2011

The Canadian Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) has been in New Brunswick talking about the possibility of establishing an underground nuclear waste site in this province. That's a waste of time and money.

New Brunswickers have made their feelings crystal clear on all things nuclear related in this province. They do not want a nuclear waste storage site nor do they want uranium mining, period, end of discussion. Premier David Alward himself leaves no doubt: "We are not pursuing a nuclear waste site anywhere in this province."

Namibias moratorium on uranium exploration licences remains in place

The Ministry of Mines and Energy's moratorium on the issuing of uranium exploration licences in Namibia remains in place after a legal challenge to a decision taken in terms of the policy was dismissed in the High Court in Windhoek on Friday (Feb. 11). (Namibian, Feb. 15, 2011)

Green Party wants Ban on Uranium Mining in Finland

The Green League's party council is calling for a ban on uranium mining in Finland. "Bad decisions on nuclear power plants are now getting a follow-up with uranium mines. This madness simple has to be brought to an end," says Green MP Erkki Pulliainen.Pulliainen added the view that a few years of mining operations are not worth ruining the reputations of Kainuu and Lapland as travel destinations. The Greens intended to oppose uranium mining on both the local and national level.

Greenland's Zero-Tolerance-Policy towards Uranium Mining still in place

After some confusion around a Greenland multi-element mine, the Greenland Government confirmed that its "zero tolerance policy" toward uranium mining is still in place.


IPPNW'S World Congress calls for a 'Global Ban on Uranium Mining'

IPPNW held a 1-day pre-congress to their 2010 annual world-congress in Basel, Switzerland, "Sacred Land - Poisoned Peoples / Indigenous Peopeles and Uranium Mining".

Delegates to the pre-congress released a joint statement calling for an end to all uranium mining and processing, irresponsible radioactive waste management, nuclear power and nuclear weapons.


Moratorum and Mining of Uranium: Nova Scotia/Canada

A moratorium on exploration and mining of uranium in Nova Scotia will be made law.

The province introduced legislation today, Oct. 14, to entrench a uranium ban that had been in effect since 1981.