Almost 41 million people speak about 128 different languages. Until now no uranium deposit was built, but the first is planned.

As is so often the case, money is one of the main reasons, because there will be 1600 new jobs through the mine and 5 million US Dollars revenue yearly. The grave environmental and health issues connected to opening a mine next to one of the most important natural reserves in the world are also being ignored here.


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Allgemeine Situation

Ein kurzer Überblick zur Situation in Tanzania.


Uranium mining in the eyes of civil society in Tanzania

Kurzversion einer Präsentation von Anthony Lyamunda während des von Tanzania-network.de e.V. veranstalteten Studientages zum Thema „Gold, Uran und Edelsteine – Wie reich ist Tansania wirklich?“

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A Golden Opportunity? How Tanzania is falling to benefit from Gold Mining

A Golden Opportunity - Justice and Respect in Mining

Imminent Uranium Mining in Tanzania

Currently 25 companies from different countries are exploring for uranium in Tanzania (www.wiseuarnium.org). Already in the 1970s radiometric survey showed several radiometric anomalies pointing to uranium enrichments as well in the South of Tanzania as in an area around Bahi in central Tanzania. During the last years these possible deposits got into the focus of the international uranium mining industry. For example the Australia based corporation Uranex NL (www.uranex.com.au) has managed to get rights overexploration tenements of more than 12000km2 since the corporation was founded in 2005.