"Malawi is among the world's least-developed countries. The economy is heavily based in agriculture, with a largely rural population. The Malawian government depends heavily on outside aid to meet development needs, although this need (and the aid offered) has decreased since 2000." (Wikipedia)

Malawi has no laws for radiation protection. That means there is no benchmark for Environmental Impact Statements.

In Malawi, there is not enough hardware or competent knowledge around to monitor the operation of a uranium mine.

The most important case here is the Kayelekera Uranium mine, a project erected by PALADIN Ltd in a notably short amount of time. The tailings of this uranium mine are polluting the Malawi lake, which supports ca. 3 million people with water, fish and life.



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Eight Environmental Activists on Trial in Malawi


Eight Tanzanian environmental rights activists are headed to court in Mzuzu tomorrow following almost two months in detention. Malawi authorities arrested the human rights defenders in late December during a peaceful educational exchange in the Karonga region.
In Malawi wurden Mitglieder einer Delegation aus dem Nachbarland Tansania verhaftet, die sich über die ökologischen und sozialen Folgen des Uranabbaus informieren wollten. Ihnen wird unter anderem Spionage vorgeworfen. Menschenrechts- und Umweltgruppen fordern ihre Freilassung.

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Paladin Energy cuts 110 jobs in Malawi's Kayelekera mine

Info2As the Nyasa Times reported today, the Australian uranium mining company Paladin Energy has let go 110 employees. This came as a surprise, because in the last quarter of 2012, uranium output of the Kayelekera Mine jumped 20.9 percent.


Malawi Situation Übersicht

Info2Kurze Übersicht über die Gesetzgebungen in Malawi.




Two publications on uranium mining in Malawi

Page_Licence_to_loot_and_plunderPage_Scramble_for_The_Yellow_Cake_in_MalawiOne maps the Uranium players in Malawi and the other reviews the legal and policy framework which regulates uranium mining in the country. Having reviewed the uranium mining policy and legal framework, we concluded that its self-regulating and hence it allows the industry to loot and plunder.

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